Saturday, December 19, 2009

winter is here!

so .. it's been a while since i've posted anything. maybe someone is still reading? if so, thanks for your patience!

late monday night, and didn't really stop until late friday night. little flakes .. but that much snow means a lot! i don't know exactly how much, but six inches? maybe more? this is the first real snowfall, so i've been enjoying it. makes me feel like it is actually winter!

one big difference between snow in america and snow in romania is that an average american family has a car (or more), while the typical romanian family doesn't necessarily. there are plenty of cars .. but many people still get places by walking or taking a bus or a tram. which is generally a great way to get around. but when it's snowing and cold .. less enjoyable. but more enjoyable for many small children .. as they go with parents and grandparents on errands, many get rides on sleighs, instead of walking!

this morning, i saw that it had stopped snowing, and i looked at the temperature. -13*C .. which is about 9*F. cold! i just checked, and now it says that it's around -17*C, which is just over 1*F. very cold! nobody is spending any more time outside than they have to. everyone is bundled up well, with at least a few layers, and walking quickly to their destination. makes me very glad for good heating, and for warm tea! but .. crazy as i am, i am enjoying the cold. i have warm clothes, which helps, but i also just like cold weather. and it is finally here! if it stays cold, the snow should stick around for a while as well! at least until Christmas :)