Thursday, June 30, 2011

the end of the birds

a month ago i wrote about the birds who had made their nest just outside my window. at few weeks ago, the 'baby bird' which had grown quickly into a regular-sized bird, began moving his wings a bit. one afternoon, i was making coffee with a friend and we watched him hop up to the top of the metal window box, flex his wings a few times, and then fly away. and he hasn't been back since!

but i have been grateful to see the nest there each day. a nice reminder. and sometimes other birds come to investigate, so i get to enjoy their curious chirping as they wander around and look in the window. sometimes they even try the nest on for size, hoping into the middle of it and turning around and then settling down for a few seconds. one of my favorite moments was when one small bird had been hanging out while i was fixing lunch. i looked over, and i saw that he was scratching his ear! this is a movement i've often seen among dogs. and once, i saw a cow scratch her ear with her hind leg. but seeing a young bird reach up with his foot and scratch his ear put a big grin on my face. there truly are so many things in which we can take delight .. if only we pay attention!