Friday, July 08, 2011

in season!

a few days ago i went to the farmer's market, which is about a ten-minute walk from my house. and i was so excited to see all the fresh produce available .. so many colors! mounds of fruit and vegetables giving off heady odors of summer. after wandering through to see what was available and what the various prices were, i stopped at a stand to get tomatoes and cucumbers. they are in season! which means that i got 1 kilo of each (2.2 lbs each) for just over $1. sweet!!

that night i thought i would have one friend over for dinner, but it turned out to be two friends, so we ate fresh cucumber and tomato salad with grilled cheese sandwiches. so tasty! and a gift to be able to share with friends, and have a nice conversation around the table. i become more and more convinced that the food can be quite simple .. but it is the relationships and people sitting around the table that matter! sometimes i like to make things a bit more complicated or that take a bit more time .. but mostly the conversation and being able to simply be present with those in my home is what i enjoy. and sometimes .. simple foods, like two fresh vegetables chopped and eaten together, is perfect!