Monday, January 24, 2011


greetings, whoever might still read this. i apologize for the long, unexplained hiatus. i don't have a good reason. but i have something i want to write about, so am glad to be able to actually post today! no promises about when i will post next, but my plan is definitely less than three months! :P

tomorrow afternoon i will head to a place called the mercy center. as recommended by a number of wise people. and i will begin to do the ignatian exercises (short explanation found here). and spend about a month basically in silence. which sounds somewhat extreme. but .. with good reason. there are two main reasons for doing this -- 
- to spend time focusing on being in God's presence, listening well, re-centering, being refreshed by Him
- clarity!

i'm not exactly sure what to expect. i've never spent a month in silence, or even close. i will have conversations with a spiritual director most days, but in many ways i will be secluded. this is a gift. not many people are able to take time like this. or make the space to take time like this. although i am not exactly sure what to expect .. i expect to be in God's presence. and to be changed. may it be so.