Sunday, May 29, 2011

feeding time..

this morning, while i was fixing breakfast and waiting for my french press coffee to be ready, i had a few minutes to look out the window. and my timing was a gift! i saw one pigeon fly up, and greet the one sitting on the nest. then the fresh one came close and they did a quick switcheroo. the one who had been sitting on the nest flew off to eat something tasty, and the other proceeded to share a bit of food with the young pigeon sitting underneath him! it didn't last very long, but i got to see what baby pigeons look like .. with fluff that is yellow and black, and a hungry beak! not sure how long this stage of life lasts for them, but i'm still amazed that they set up house just outside my window!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

two visitors..

yesterday morning i went into the kitchen to make my coffee and grab some cereal and yogurt and banana. i heard a couple of pigeons outside and looked out the window to see if they were still there -- they usually fly away when i get closer. but .. outside my window i have a metal window box, or something like that. i could put a couple of flowerpots in it and grow flowers.

but one of the birds didn't fly away. she starred at me intently .. but then went about her business. i looked closer to see what she was doing, and realized that she had a bunch of sticks underneath her. what?! as i continued to watch, amazed, her partner brought back another stick, handed it over, and flew off again. apparently they have decided that this a good place to build a nest.

yesterday afternoon when i made a cup of tea, i meandered slowly over to the window (not wanting to make any sudden movements so the birds flew away). and there were no birds .. only the beginning of a nest. but this morning, she was back again! at work making things nice and comfy. don't know if they will actually decide to stay here, but even the thought of it is making me smile.

so amazing, the way that life is visible - even in strange places! sometimes i miss the obvious grandeur and beauty of the mountains where i grew up. but i know that God is at work in all places, and that He makes beautiful things in all places! sometimes it just takes a bit more looking or adjusting to see them. so today i am grateful for this unexpected and delightful presence outside my window.