Monday, April 19, 2010

good bacteria!

one thing i have been doing regularly, for at least four or five months now, is making yogurt. it's actually a very simple process ..  heat milk until it almost boils, let it cool down a bit, add 2 big spoons of yogurt, then wrap it up in towels and wait. the bacteria does the work. six hours later (or so) i unwrap it and put it directly in the fridge. the next morning .. yummy yogurt!

i like this process for a few reasons. one of them is that it tastes very good! another is that i know what is in the yogurt. and it's a bit cheaper. (not much, but still..) but i also value the picture! feels like a good image of what happens so often in our spiritual lives. God puts is in the right atmosphere (i would say .. some challenges, but not so many that we break) .. and then keeps us there while He builds up our character. or while He sands away sinful habits. or while He deepens our roots. or while He hollows out more space inside us so that His Spirit can fill us even more. whatever He may be doing .. it is His work! and we are changed, not through our own efforts .. but through His grace! so. yogurt is good to eat. and it reminds me that we have a God who is always, always working!