Friday, November 17, 2006

(a few of the) questions i asked myself today

normal life --
what's the word for spoon?
is there going to be hot water for my shower this morning?
was that shopkeeper being unusually rude?
did that shopkeeper think i was being rude?
will i ever own any clothes which are so pink?
will i really fit onto this crowded bus?
do i have a sign written on me somewhere that says 'american'?
what would i do if that policeman suddenly started talking to me?
does that one-year old baby know more romanian than i do?

during our afternoon with the kids (and various games) --
what objects will fit in that water bottle that begin with the letter "o"?
how do i answer that question without saying "no"?
did he mean to hit the ball that hard?
is our downstairs neighbor at home?
is she mad at all the noise we're making?
do remember this volunteer's name?
how far can i shoot this wet pumpkin seed with my fingers?

deep significance --
am i supposed to be a missionary long-term?
why am i so blessed with the gift of an amazing unexpected friend here?
am i really called to live among the poor and marginalized?
where are the lines between 'me', 'american', 'child of God' .. ?
can i belong somewhere in this society?
do i really belong anywhere?
is it normal for life to be so challenging?
do i remember how to be a real friend?
what does God have to speak to this culture?
are there people God wants to affect through me right now?
how do i follow God in a place so foreign?


Larq said...

Ha! Some of your questions made me laugh, especially these two:

"will i ever own any clothes which are so pink?" (not on purpose)
"how far can i shoot this wet pumpkin seed with my fingers?" (did it go across the room?)

What a give us a sense of your day. Some of your other questions make me think.

John said...

how do i answer that question without saying "no"?

Just wanted to say for a dislexic like myself... it took me a long time to see the u in your blog address that I kept reading as an o. I really miss you here in LA... and I am sooooooooo glad you have a blog. Now to link it to my blog.

You can call the office sometime just to say the word "NO"... if you need to...

a kind of self defining word as over and against the environment. We know that imersion kind of feel like drowning at first... but u will learn 2 swim...

What we know 4 sure is that you are on a sacred journey and that this is part of the journey.

We in LA miss and luv you...