Wednesday, September 19, 2007

house church .. and a cool image

this past thursday i went to house church for the first time in a long while. with the busy-ness of the summer and the traveling and activities, it just didn't happen (and there were a few weeks where it didn't happen because everybody was on vacation!). it was nice to be back. and surprisingly, it was only females (except for the leader and his son). the main topic for the evening was what questions we would ask Jesus if he came and pulled up a chair on our circle. i love that image. i know that when two or three are gathered together in His name, He is present .. but thinking of Him being present in such a tangible way can be helpful. we each wrote down some of our questions and then shared them. it was great to hear some of the things others wonder about. and it got me thinking .. so here are some of the questions i'd love to sit down and ask Jesus and get an answer for! (i know i can do that in prayer .. but sometimes i'm still learning to hear His answers well.)

what do you have me in romania to do?
how do you specifically want me to spend my time?
why do you give people and then take them away?
how can i love you better?
how can i speak truth to "lisa" in a way that she'll understand?
what are you doing in my neighborhood?
is it part of your plan for me to get married?

hmmm... as i am writing these, i'm realizing that i feel fairly vulnerable. questions reveal a lot about a person. and these aren't all of my questions. but some that i feel comfortable sharing. if you want to comment and add some of your own .. please do. maybe writing them and acknowledging them will allow us to hear better.


Nancy said...

What does it mean to start a family? How do I know if you want this for me & Tim? And...why does chocolate taste so much better than brussel sprouts?

Janice said...

Did You bring me to grad. school or was it just my privileged social status and opportunities?
How will I/You pay for rent come January?
Who can I trust here? How long must I wait before I have friends again?
Am I doing okay? Am I being faithful to You?
What are we to do with so much injustice and hatred done by people? It doesn't make sense to me
How do I love LGBT people? What is the truth about the whole homosexuality issue? Am I just giving in to the culture by approving of a homosexual's being a pastor?
Do I push people away to my detriment? Is it my fault I feel so lonely? What about a guy for me--can a man ever love me for me? Is marriage worth the pain and struggle?
Should I have not reduced my Effexor dosage?
am i being too self-disclosing? ;)

Abigail said...

i like all of your questions, friends. thanks for sharing. mmm... good things to be wondering .. 'aloud', as it were. love to you both.