Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a bit of sunshine

i've been surprised lately at how important sunshine can be. i returned from my trip to a week of cloudly, chilly days, and by the end of it my spirits were rather down. and it took lots of energy to get of bed in the mornings. then one day there were blue skies. it was amazing! i got out of bed a bit more easily, i could breathe more easily, i looked up periodically .. i felt refreshed somehow. it's been alternating the past couple of weeks .. some days there's bright sunshine and blue skies, and other days it's cloudy without any sun to be seen. i've been enjoying the sunshine whenever it makes an appearance.

to add insult to injury (meant in a not mad way), when i talked with my sister on sunday, she commented that her legs hurt. i asked why .. because she and her husband participated in an ultimate frisbee game the day before and she got sunburned on her neck and shoulders and back of her legs. somehow.. i didn't feel sorry for her. it's gonna be a while before i get a sunburn again. many many moons. ah well. there are things to enjoy here too .. like warm blankets and hot tea in the evenings and radiators that work and fun hats and scarves and wool sweaters and squash soup.


Nancy said...

If I were with you, I'd whip you up some curried butternut squash and apple soup. Made it last week, and MMM...MMM...Good!

elliespen said...

I know what you mean. When we were in Santiago the smog was so thick that some days it looked like it was just about to rain, except it was all pollution rather than clouds. We took a day trip out of the city once and I remember going around a specific curve in the road going through the mountains and all of a sudden there was a green valley and the sun not only out but sparkling. It felt like three weeks' worth of fresh air all at once. :) Sending thoughts of sunshine your way,