Tuesday, December 11, 2007

three old friends

my language teacher recently broke her leg. this is bad in any case .. but when one is 81 or 82 .. it can be pretty bad. the amazing thing .. this woman has been living in the same city for many years now (since before high school) .. and she happens to have a few friends that she has known almost that long. of the three that i've met so far, one has known her for 70 years -- and the other two for 50 years. that is amazing! talk about longevity of friendship and depth of relationship.

the other day, two of them were over and chatting with her, and taking care of her. asking to make sure that she was comfortable, adjusting her blankets to make sure that she was warm, trying to get her to eat more food (that they had brought!), all in all being wonderful to her. it was good to see that, to see how they care for each other and how comfortable they are together. talking over each other, asking about each other's kids and grandkids, catching up on all the people in their families .. very amazing. the people that i've been friends with longest (other than family!) are from seventh grade, and i don't talk to them all that often. the people i'm closest to are people i met in college, which means at the most i've known them for six years. guess we've got a long way to go!!

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