Saturday, January 26, 2008

adjusting. again.

it's official. i have now traveled around the world. in less than 80 days (planes do make it a bit easier :) quite amazing. still hard to believe that i got to do something i've talked about and thought about .. and that it's finished. weird. but i'm not opposed to doing it again. should the opportunity present itself! and the time and the money and all that...

as i return to life in romania, there are a variety of things to become re-adjusted to. particularly since my last three weeks were in cambodia. here are a few that spring to mind:
- taking showers with warm water
- being cold .. one isn't cold much when the temperature is always above 80
- wearing socks again. and long sleeve shirts. and sweaters. and hats. and...
- not getting to ride any more motos :(
- sleeping in the same place for more than 4 days (and even more than a week!)
- not getting to ride any more planes for a while
- actually understanding the 'strange language' i hear around me (some of it, at least)
- washing my own laundry and cooking my own food
- not eating yummy fresh fruit every day (at least such a large variety)
- being able to brush my teeth and not worry about the water
- no more squattie potties :(

well .. that's all i can think of at the moment. lots of adjusting. but it's good to be 'home' in romania. and there are good things here. getting to be present again in another place.


Amy said...

Shouldn't that last one be followed by a :) instead of a :(? Or were you enjoying the deep knee bends?

Abigail said...

indeed, strange as it is, i enjoy squatties. something about them being a bit strange and unusual (for me at least) and how clean they feel .. no need to touch anything or even come close to doing so. weird, i know.

Peter said...

Hey there, beautiful! Bethany (previously Murphy) and James Thornton. Bethany was one of Liz's roommates. I don't remember if you would have known them or not...