Saturday, June 13, 2009

is seven too many?

i was looking at my stack of books this morning, and what i saw struck me as rather eclectic. books are wonderful. i read something in a book every day. it's not just something to do, but is .. part of the way i understand the world. part of how i learn about myself. part of what gives me joy. at the moment, i'm working on a number of books. all of them have such different flavors that when i sit down, i think about my mood, how much i can focus, how thoughtful i'm feeling, which ones need to get read soon .. all sorts of factors go into which one i actually read on a particular day. at any rate, here are the books that i'm currently reading ..

harry potter and the half-blood prince .. j.k. rowling

a short history of nearly everything
.. bill bryson

interior castle
.. teresa of avila

celebration of discipline
.. richard foster

the dangerous act of worship
.. mark labberton

well connected: releasing power, restoring hope through kingdom partnerships
.. phill butler

power under: trauma and non-violent social change
.. steven wineman

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Ardis said...

top statement reminds me of seeing sundogs & hearing family names; blog--my books: Dancing Arabs, Esther study, Paradise Lost, just finished James & the Giant Peach, next is Phantom Toll Booth; plan to finish books I started--Power through prayer, praying God's WORD, the reason for God and some others. Summer is such a gift for me! like Abi!