Wednesday, November 03, 2010

standing in line..

after almost two months of silence, i'm not sure who is reading this .. but i hope to post more often than once every two months! so, jumping right in ..

each year i spend a few weeks (or months..) working toward renewing my visa. you would think after four tries it would be easier .. but it still takes lots of energy. but there are some good things. yesterday i went to pay two taxes, and it meant standing in four different lines. but it is done, which is a very good thing! and of the four people that interacted with to accomplish these tasks, two of them were smiling and interested in what i do and why i'm here in romania. often people at big offices, banks, or government buildings can be pretty serious and not particularly happy. so i was grateful for these two women who didn't fit my stereotype, and were helpful and gracious. it made standing in line much better!


Christine said...

I read your blog, but usually in google reader, so you probably don't show any hits from me. Love your positive attitude re: standing in the lines!

erwin said...

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Shahana said...

You are in Romania, where is your origin?