Tuesday, April 19, 2011

funny conversation

so, i thought i'd start off simply.
just a conversation that made me laugh.
better that than nothing, right?

a few days ago i took a seven-hour train ride that began at 6 in the morning. across the aisle from me there was a couple who had just finished an overnight train ride, and to finish their journey had another five hours on the train. so they were really tired. like about half of those on the train, they fell asleep. each having two seats to stretch out a little, with a small table between them. at one point, the wife woke up, looked around and decided to wake her husband up. their conversation went something like this..

johnny. johnny!
   hmm .. what happened?
what time is it?
  well, where is the cell phone?
in my pocket.
   what do you want me to do about it?
well, i'm too tired to reach down and get it.
can you reach across the table,
reach in my pocket,
and tell me what time it is?

i'm not sure what else was said, but nobody pulled the cell phone out to find out what time it was. and shortly thereafter, they were asleep again. but it sure made me smile. like a comedy routine .. in real life!


SHiNE said...
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SHiNE said...

I wonder if they remembered it when they awoke or whether it was like a dream to them.

Anonymous said...
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