Friday, December 15, 2006

dancers in my head

i'm a bit of an artist. well .. maybe i should just call myself an artist. i see the world differently. sometimes..
when i hear music i get pictures in my head of dancers in motion.
when i walk down the street i play with my walk, trying to match my stance, rhythm, movement, emotions with someone else near me.
when i see something particularly beautiful i wonder what medium could best imitate it.
when i touch an old book or teddy bear or bench, i listen for its stories.

on good days, my senses are open for beauty and art and God's voice however He might choose to be present. on other days .. i ignore as much as possible of the world around me because there's just too much pain and despair in the people, advertising, interactions, and atmosphere around me.

but yesterday while i was walking home, i got ideas for dances. two particular places that i pass at least 3 or 4 times a week that are interesting spaces. spaces that give me questions i'd like to dialog about physically. glimpses of motion. couldn't stop myself from grinning (although that is strange behavior here if one's alone .. people wonder what one has to smile about). then i thought about what reactions would be if somehow i did actually have a group of dancers to do something crazy in this park or on this road .. i'm not sure people are ready for something so radical yet. but there must be other venues for dance. i'm still waiting for God to show me. but the simple fact that dance came into my mind .. that gives me hope. the artist eyes and heart i've been given aren't sleeping or gone .. but just need some time and space to breathe.


Diane said...

"Were not our hearts ablaze within us as He spoke to us along the road?" I love how His flame dances within you as you continue on the road...diane

Janice said...

I hear music--not just organized noise or catchy tunes, but birdsongs, water dripping into a puddle, wind through tall pine tress... And I, too, envision dances. One time, during church they were singing "Glory glory, Alleluia He reigns.." and in my head I saw a Broadway-scale production, kind of like the Lion King, with people coming in from all directions, in bright colors with banners and fan-like props...I sat there, in the wooden pew of this Texas Southern Baptist church, smiling at the idea of such a praise-fest--and the irony that the particular church would probably never allow it since dancing is offensive to half the congregation. Sigh. Maybe some day... janice ps-is it any wonder we're friends?

Abigail said...

janice .. i like that image and can see a version of it in my head too. thanks. it's true about us being friends .. mmm. thanks, God!