Wednesday, December 20, 2006

leaving, on a jet plane ..

my usual packing plans look something like beginning the process about 7 or 8 the night before i leave. a large number of unnecessary things get done, as well as most of the necessary ones. i stay up later than usual (much later sometimes), and then get to bed. only to wake up early because usually my plane (or other mode of transportation) leaves early in the morning.

this trip? my plane still leaves early, and i'm not sure just exactly how late i'll get to bed .. but the bulk of my packing was done yesterday evening. what's that, you ask? done early? me? indeed, it's true. and i'm taking it as a sign that i'm particularly ready to go on this particular trip. ready for rest, for family, for english, for being in a culture that is somewhat familiar, for being away from the heaviness and despair that seem so evident and common in this city where i live.

i'm hoping that i do get to rest. and then i'll also be ready to come back. not so sure about this part, but it's possible at least. and i do have some things to return to. slowly growing relationships, language which is beginning to make sense, cold weather and possibly snow! (which for me would be a very good thing, oddly enough), and God's wanting me to be here. maybe not quite as exciting as family and the other reasons above .. but enough to get me back. i think...

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santis said...

I love reading your blog friend. They are so beautiful and truly a glimpse into your heart. Makes me feel as if I haven't skipped a beat in your world. So thanks for writing.