Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i like books!

so .. i read a lot. i like books. i learn from them. not just facts, but emotionally -- stories are one way that i understand and comprehend life. so it's fun to read .. but also good for me. really. it's true.

and i keep a record of what books i've read, some of the things they made me question, a vague plot, and the number of pages. the books i've recently read are posted over on the right, and if you click on them you can also view a variety of others, if you happen to be interested. but the main idea i wanted to share was just how many pages i read in 2006. and the number of books. ready?

59 books
17,422 pages

and .. this is a fair bit less than last year. (believe it or not!) anyway, the range of books is rather wide -- young adult, nonfiction, fiction, Christian nonfiction, classics, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, humor. mostly stories are what interest me, in almost any variety. an intriguing story with good questions, enjoyable writing, something worth saying, and characters that feel real in some sense. mmm .. that's worth savoring.


Amy said...

Ooh, fun! A book list with books on it I've actually read!

I really liked Congo. I read the book when I first started seeing ads for the movie. The book was great, the movie, not so much.

I started reading Brick Lane, but I never finished it. I kept waiting for something more to happen. The story moved kind of slowly while there was lots of character development. Maybe I just didn't resonate with the characters enough, because I found myself getting bored learning so much about who they were and wanted to see more about what they were going to do.

I haven't read Eternity in Their Hearts but I did enjoy Don Richardson's Peace Child. Maybe I'll have to check this one out. Certainly, it's an interesting topic.

I'm guessing you are part of the Books Under the Covers team, too. :) Even if you're not, it's a good site with some interesting reviews.

Abigail said...

thanks for your comment! it's fun you've read some of the same books. the english book selection is rather sparse over here (although gradually gaining size), so i've read some books i might not normally .. and not read some i'd like to. but that's how it goes. and yes, i do post on Books Under the Covers, with my sister and another friend. books are one way i enjoy connecting.