Sunday, March 25, 2007

random quotes!!

so, i have this cool sister.

she can do all sorts of amazing things. one of which happens to be writing programs. (which happens to be what she's doing for a living at the moment.) and she wrote a program to show a random quote. meaning .. i have a post with lots of quotes that i like, and now whenever you open this page you'll get to see one of those quotes. i think it's fun. it makes me happy. (especially since there's absolutely no way i'd be able to do it on my own!)

thanks, larq! (and if you're interested, she has a blog with various computer stuff. for geeks? nerds? geniuses? and i do mean that in the kindest way possible!)


kleigh said...

wow, that's awesome! i went to another website, then came back to your page 4 times before i realized all i had to do was hit 'refresh' and a new quote would come up. SO COOL!

Amy said...

Neat! It's always good to have friends who code. :)