Monday, April 02, 2007

out & about

the weather here has been rather marvelous. like 14- 16 degrees. celsius. which translates to high-fifties - low sixties. which is definitely spring weather. and in spring (and summer and fall) it's nice to be outside, and people don't call you crazy for walking. (when it's winter and cold outside, people give all sorts of funny looks. anyway .. )

walking. at the moment (for another week or two), the places i visit most often are a bit spread out. where i live to the office .. 30 minutes by bus or 50 minutes on foot. one teammate's place .. 30 minutes on foot. another teammate's place .. 60 minutes on foot. and it's nice weather, and i'm not generally pressed for time, so i've been enjoying walking. as i walked home today i did a bit of calculating.

60 minutes to language lesson (a bit past the office)
60 minutes home
30 minutes to second teammate's place (shortened because i rode a bus partway)
60 minutes home

these are approximate figures, and i'm not speed walking at these rates .. but that means that i was walking about 3.5 hours today. and my feet and legs aren't even sore. apparently i've been doing a bit of walking so i'm in shape to do this. it's nice. to be outside. to breathe fresh air. to use my body. to observe spring and people and buses and practice sounding out romanian words. to
process events of the day. to pray for those i pass, for the places i walk through, for the emotions i see in the eyes of some i pass, praising God for the beauty of what He has created. pretty good times. maybe i'm not "accomplishing much" during my walks. but they feel right and 'useful' to me. and maybe it's more about the process than the product.


John said...

I am on sabbatical... so I will check your blog more frequently ; ) Iwould like to stay on your tree somewhere... even if it is an outer branch somewhere.

Abigail said...

john .. i too would like you to stay on my tree. and you & your amazing wife are certainly on my tree. glad you are on sabbatical .. i'm praying for REST!