Sunday, June 17, 2007

new feature

so .. with my sister's help (yet again), i've added a new feature to my blog. i read other blogs, and sometimes there are thoughts or articles that i want to share. so now i can. and i've added to so far. if you have time, maybe they'll interest you as well.

and for the first two, i'll even add the reasons! 'what the world eats' is a photo essay and was just a good attention grabber, something to think about (i was gonna say good 'food for thought'.. :)

and the second is a woman i know from a church that i had the privilege of going to for two years. she posted her 100th post and did a list of 'favorites' or 'best' from the posts that she's done so far. and i'm quoted!?! wow. thanks, amy)


Amy said...

You're welcome. :)

Thanks for sending it in the first place. It really got me thinking.

SHiNE said...

I just added your blog to my toolbar so I have no excuses!

Amy said...

This is your official notice: I've tagged you for a meme, if you're interested in playing.