Sunday, June 17, 2007

signs of summer

i'm told it will keep getting hotter, and be above 40* during parts of july and august, but the weather recently has been plenty warm. (40*C is about 104*F!!) there are signs everywhere that it truly is the season ..

the 'z' on my feet caused by wearing my chaco sandals often. the way the straps are made, the part of my feet which does not see the sandals makes a nice white 'z' on each foot (although on my left foot it's backwards..)

i wore long sleeves and pants this morning to church because it was a cool 70* and i didn't want to get cold (especially if it rained... which it didn't)

i've seen more varieties of tank tops in the last two weeks than i thought possible (you can take you pick of which parts of your skin you'd like to show .. shoulders, back, belly, cleavage.. a large variety!)

the most common thing i see people eating as i'm walking around is not pretzels or sunflower seeds (as is usually the case) .. but ice cream, which can be found in at least half the stores here

sometimes at night, even a sheet is too warm to sleep under

the kids finished school this past friday, and there was an excitement in the air that afternoon .. there are more kids out and about, and the college students are getting ready to leave so their part of town is suddenly becoming very empty

it stays light until about ten in the evening. i'm sure it gets light early too .. but i haven't been up early enough to see it. when i wake up, the sun is always awake. (and i'm not confessing what time i usually wake up .. suffice it to say, there is no worm-getting :)

my favorite foods as of late have been fresh fruits and vegetables that require no heating or baking, so the apartment doesn't get any hotter than it needs to

before our 'cool weather' today, i hadn't even looked at my long-sleeved shirts for almost a month

yup. that's about all i can think of for the moment. i'm trying to enjoy summer and not wish for any other seasons, but simply be glad that God planned each of the seasons for their times.


Amy said...

I get a fun tan line on my feet in the summer from my sandals, too.

Did you know that on most computer systems you can make the degree symbol with ALT+0176?

Amy said...

Oh, and I didn't realize it got so hot there in the summer!! Yikes.

40°C is what I think of for the rain forests of Brazil! It's only 85°F here and I'm way too hot.

Abigail said...

hey amy .. as for rain forests .. i don't think it's quite as humid here as it is there, so not quite as hot. thanks, God! and as for it being too hot there .. you can certainly be glad for air conditioning!