Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3 rather unconnected thoughts

e vremea lalelelor!
meaning .. it's the season for tulips! (that's romanian, if you weren't sure :) they are all over the city. in the garden we have in front of our center, in all the middle of the big roundabouts, in many yards, in almost all the parks around the city. bunches and bunches of them. all sorts of different colors. beautiful!

a rainy day
there was storm last night and it hasn't really stopped raining since then. when much of the population walks, it makes for some interesting interactions. probably about 50% of the people outside have umbrellas, and when a number of umbrellas suddenly become close, there's the quick adjustment of some lifting higher or lower or moving slightly one direction or another, or tilting this way or that. like a game. and some people aren't very good at playing.. :) but fun to watch and be aware of.

i'm 'fascinating'
okay. this sounds really proud to say. but there's a story behind it. so .. i went to visit my language teacher (aka romanian grandmother) today, and a good friend of hers also came to visit. who is also a grandmother. and she was recently helping her granddaughter with homework, and she's supposed to think of a person who is fascinating to her. she said most people will pick an actor or actress but she didn't want to. so she asked her grandmother. and her grandmother said, 'well i know this young woman who could be out at all the discotheques with boys and having fun in life, but instead she chose to leave her parents and come to romania to help people. that's fascinating to me.' wow. i'm praying and hoping that somehow as i stand out to her as 'strange' and 'interesting', i can point to Someone bigger and much more fascinating and Good. made me smile, anyway.

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