Tuesday, April 15, 2008

what can you get for 9.60 lei*?

*equivalent to about $4.25

well, this last sunday, it was worth the following:

2 hours of beautiful music at the philharmonic

a chance to hear a stradivarius violin (aka the most expensive kind of violin, because of the maker and because they make such beautiful sounds)

a reminder of all sorts of words i learned when i was studying the violin .. pizzicato, not having a swan wrist, double stops ..

getting to watch a violinist who loves playing the violin (and let it show!)

watching his facial expressions as a way to understand the music better .. and a way to see what is a bit more difficult and what is just fun to play (i find that violinists (and other musicians?) often have very expressive eyebrows and lips when they are in the midst of deep concentration to play something they love)

three encores .. if the audience hadn't been so antsy, they might have kept at it for a few more hours

a refreshment for my soul, and a good way to celebrate beauty on the Sabbath

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