Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a bridal shower...

i'm gonna paint a mental picture for you. imagine -- a living room probably 10 feet by 20 feet (if that), with a couple of couches, a computer desk, a bookshelf, and a cabinet. this room is also my room and contains my bed. (foldout couch)
sunday night
15 women
a bridal shower
4 or 5 hours
excited women
telling stories
asking questions
everyone talking at once
- - - -
all in romanian!!

as an introvert, this situation would have been overwhelming for me even if it were all in english with people i knew well. too many people for too long in too small a space. and then adding the extra factor of only understanding every fifteenth word "...boys .. internet (same word in both languages) .. talking .. kitchen .. school .. bus .. seven .. " not a very good story, you know?

and after three or four hours (with a couple of translations periodically), my brain just couldn't take anymore active listening. so i found other things to do. without leaving the room (not really anywhere else to go..). without being too obnoxious. i was wearing seven bracelets around my wrist with little beads. and lets just say .. the average number of beads on one bracelet is about 112.

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