Tuesday, October 24, 2006

high school?

today we had an english class with some of our kids (ages 12-14) at the association. it's fun to be part of the english classes because i get to learn some romanian vocabulary and grammar 'on the sly'. one of the activities today included putting words into sentences. for example, they had 'goes church she to' which becomes 'she goes to church.' another set of words was 'go school to high they' which should become 'they go to high school.' but -- one boy was in a hurry (and doesn't know english that well yet) and for a few moments his sentence read 'they go high to school'. the other adults and i found that really funny -- but the kids don't yet know what that means, so they didn't get it. still cracks me up. they go high to school. also true sometimes..

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Amy said...

Hee hee! That is funny. I've often wondered how many times I say something I don't mean to when I'm trying to work in another language. Unfortunately (or maybe thankfully?) I mostly stay well within my bounds in English.

Oh, and I like your blog!