Monday, April 23, 2007

'my place'

so .. i've been a bit out of the loop in terms of internet and communication. two weeks ago i moved into my new apartment! which has been rather exciting. and it does indeed make me feel like i'm growing up (at least a bit!). in the next couple of weeks, amy will move in, but for the moment it's 'my apartment' and 'my space' -- but my space to share!

and sharing is something that i have indeed been doing.

17 tuesday .. had the team over for dinner, prayer, and a team meditation on purity (and i cooked my first meal for them .. spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and cookies!)

18 wednesday .. had a friend over after we went walking, and prepared dinner for her (which happened to look pretty similar to tuesday's dinner .. )

19 thursday .. got to spend the afternoon and evening with a friend (who happens to be the executive director of ic), and we also made dinner together in the evening

20 friday .. had my friend (who happens to be my team leader) over for dinner and some 'criminal minds' .. she brought some of the food for dinner, but we did prepare it together

21 saturday .. whole team and e.d. over. ate lunch together (with everybody bringing something), spent time reflecting and preparing for our new season as the ic romania team, played some games, watched an episode of 'alias' .. and just got to be present together

so .. 5 days in a row i had friends over and got to be hostess. to invite others into my space and to share life with them in a very tangible way. excited about what it means that i can invite people over to 'my apartment' with freedom. and i'm even enjoying cooking and cleaning a bit (crazy, i know!).

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Amy said...

Yay! I love having guests, although every day would be a bit much for me. :)

I'm glad you are able to enjoy your new space.