Monday, April 30, 2007

a walkway

there's a walkway that i didn't discover until a couple of months ago. but since i moved, i've been using it a couple times a week. it's a footpath that goes over the train tracks and main train station, which is about 10 or 15 minutes from my place. this footpath is wide enough for three people to walk comfortably, but has a metal stripe down the middle because there's traffic moving both directions. it takes probably 3 or 4 minutes to walk from one end to the other, on wooden slats with metal on both sides and a bit overhead. it's always interesting to see the people i pass (and since i'm usually trying to make it somewhere on time, i'm generally walking rather quickly..). a wonderful variety of people. one of my teammates made a comment that it's the closest she comes to feeling like she's driving. in that it's like a two lane highway. and if you have to pass someone, you have to do it before the person coming the other direction reaches you so you don't get in their way or impede traffic. and going over train tracks. it's rather nice. that's what i wanted to share with you today. maybe i'll get a picture and post it. maybe..

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Vacula said...

Hey Abiru! I read your e-mail today and just discovered your blog after I happened to write about my walking experience today too. :)

Also... I'm fiddling with my blog and was looking for a flickr gadget that looks like yours... would you mind telling me where you got it or sending me the html?