Saturday, March 08, 2008

me? running?!

about a month ago i started working out with one of my teammates. and it had been a while. but i've wanted to work on my running, because really -- it's generally more like huffing and puffing for a minute or two and then walking and trying to catch my breath. at this gym there are treadmills. the first time, i actually was able to run (jog is probably a much better word) for 12 minutes. granted, one is only supposed to be on the treadmill for 15 minutes at this particular gym (and many in this country. strange!), but i ran as much as i could and then walked the rest. it's been encouraging. every day when i go, i run for 15 minutes (or walk/run) and then do abs, lift some weights, use some machines. and i've been going twice a week for 4 weeks now.

yesterday, when i went, i ran for 20 minutes. (i know, it's only supposed to be 15, but everybody else was using some other machine and i figured.. i could do an extra five.) i'm pretty sure that never in my life have i run for that long. and i was doing 7 miles an hour speed, which means that i ran a bit more than 2 miles. wow!! (okay, now i'm having doubts. it might be in kilometers .. which would mean i did much much less, but i'm hoping that it's in mph?) anyway, i ran for 20 minutes without stopping. which is quite exciting. hopefully as i keep going in the morning (when there are fewer people at the gym) i can run a bit longer and a bit faster and we'll see what happens!

makes me feel healthy - this working out. and running. and actually doing some ab-work. not that it means i'll necessarily lose weight, but hopefully i will become healthier as well as more in-shape and able to do daily activities without working at it. that's the plan, anyway!

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