Friday, March 28, 2008

you know you're reading war and peace when..

you have been reading a book for almost 4 months and aren't done yet

you recently read a page with a palindromic number .. that had four numbers (1001)

you are more than two thirds finished, and what's left is still longer than your typical entire book

you read a name like "bezukhov" and you have a mental picture in your head, and know how he grew up and how he came into money, and who he's married to, and what sorts of questions he regularly asks of life

you know more about the russian wars in the early 1800s (and Napolean and Russian life) than you ever learned in high school history class

you are enjoying the book, and recently thought .. oh no! there are only 400 pages left (in that you aren't sure if you want the story to end or not)


Amy said...

Oy. Never got into the Russian novelists, despite studying the Russian language for several years. Someday, maybe I'll have to try it. Do they have any with happy endings?

Abigail said...

i haven't gotten to the end yet, so i'm not sure! :) i read crime and punishment a while back. i wouldn't say the ending is happy .. but it seems like they are good endings. good for the soul, if that makes sense.