Thursday, March 13, 2008

scenes from thursday

-- on the tram --
this particular morning on the tram there aren't too many people - some grandmothers and grandfathers who were just at the market getting fresh produce, some high school kids going to school, some professionals who start their day a bit later. people are still wearing coats because it's march and that's the way it's supposed to be - but they are thinner than a month ago. everyone is staring out the window or carefully past one another, not making eye contact unless absolutely necessary. at the next stop, a couple climb the steps and walk down the aisle. they are from the country, with hands and bodies that have clearly known hard work. the man has lines on his weathered face that emanate sadness. they sit down in the middle of the tram and begin to talk. this man has a voice like no other. it's a deep bass, and a bit nasal. at first it's hard to tell if he is talking or simply mumbling to himself in sounds that don't make coherent sense. but the woman answers back, and as time goes on those on the tram begin to understand his speech. somehow it has changed the atmosphere of the tram. this voice that seems to come from his bowels and rattles the chests of those around him has had its effect.

-- teasing children --
four elementary school boys walk down the street. they've clearly just gotten out of school, and with the warm weather, their coats hang at odd angles from their backpacks. they were all walking forward down the sidewalk, but turned backward and making some kind of noise. as they get closer, it becomes apparent they are making kissing noises. as the corner comes into view, there is a boy talking to a girl. in third or fourth grade, this is still an awkward behavior and his friends are making sure he knows it. the faces of the two are bright red, but have big smiles on them. ah .. boys of any age ..

-- getting older --
a woman, in her mid-20s walks into her apartment building and pulls out her keys to check her mailbox in the entryway. she pulls out her mail and closes the box, and a man enters behind her. he says "mrs." and hands her a bill for the electricity, and then proceeds to put them in other boxes. she holds her mail in one hand and opens her door with the other, reflecting to herself that she has never been called 'mrs.' before.

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